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About me

Róbert Kováčik

∾ Knifemaker and Weapon Engraver ∾

I was born in Lučenec and I am 32 years old. My beginnings in knife making began in high school, when I made my first knife out of AK5 surgical steel.

I made different types of knives for friends and family. After my apprenticeship, I worked in various companies, while making knives and improving my skills in metal and wood engraving.

In 2000, I completed my studies of weapon engraving in Moravia at the armory in Uherský Brod.

I founded my own company RK-ART KOVORYTECTVO focused on the production of artistic knives and engraving of firearms.

I also carry out the renovation of old weapons and engravings.

I am a member of the guild of the Slovak knife association.

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